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Portercraft Floors, Partners in Mission

As a trusted resource in your community, people come to you not just looking for a floor to walk on, but a better home to live in.

We know you value helping your customers find the perfect floor for their space.

What if you extended this outside of day-to-day business to be part of a bigger mission?

Mission at the Forefront

For some companies, mission is often an after thought or add-on to help improve public relations.

We believe that business is mission. This unusual approach simply means we seek to change the “why” in doing business.

Our greatest calling is to use our everyday skills and resources to help others, both locally and internationally.

Along with this, we want to encourage others to do the same.

Regarding this business-mission model, Portercraft Floors technical director, Daniel Elbrecht says, “You don’t have to sacrifice your skills, career, and vocation to make the world a better place… They can all come together.”

We look for opportunities to donate materials and volunteer the labor to get the job done. We do this by teaming up with suppliers to provide materials and retail partners to assist with the work.

Often it takes a village, as with the Still Creek Ranch project. We donated and installed a new floor after a team from a local bank tore out the existing tile. They also painted and donated the rest of their giving budget to other necessities needed.

Director of Still Creek Ranch, James Imnon, observed, “Volunteer groups multiply the effort and do in a week what would’ve normally taken us months.” Read more about this project here.

Paying it Forward

We want to encourage you to use your business and skillsets as resources for helping others. We are convinced that if this is the priority, business will take care of itself. While charities and non-profit organizations rely on financial support, giving your time and skills is just as beneficial. “We get to show [our customers and employees] that they don’t have to just give money to different ministries and charities,” explained Daniel. “Although that’s definitely a need, they can also use their time, effort, and talent, even if it’s just being a craftsman and laying floors.” A great example of this was seen in our project with the Carroll family. The Carrolls were looking for a new floor that would be appropriate for their son’s special needs, but were out of funds after other renovations. We heard about the need and spread the word to our customers, who graciously gave their time to install the floor. “An entire crew showed up at our home and completely finished our floors with the vinyl flooring we’d been longing for,” recalled Clover Carroll. “Their compassion for Cooper showed itself in excellent workmanship… It’s absolutely stunning, and our home is transformed. ” Read more here.

Want to use your business as a mission?

“People value money in our culture quite a bit, but the most valuable resource I have is my time,” observed Mark, who volunteered his time with one of our projects. “I want to invest that time in the places that matter most, and that’s in the lives of others.” Giving back doesn’t require a lot of resources either – just time and willingness to serve.

Here are 3 simple steps to use your time and skills to help your local community:

  1. Research for an organization that works with a cause that you relate to. Ask if they’re in need of a new floor or need any other type of maintenance work done. They may not need new floors, but they might need some repairs or other touch-ups.
  2. Ask your employees or crew what causes they feel passionate about. Consider offering a matching donation fund or paid time off to serve those causes.
  3. Invite your customers and suppliers to be part of your business as mission. Let them know what you are involved in and specific ways they can help.
Have a project in mind? Reach out and let us know how we can partner with you. Your mission is important to us, as we together serve others in need.

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