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Wood Flooring Acclimation Guide

Wood Floor Moisture and Acclimation Guide

The potential for moisture affecting hardwood flooring at every part of the installation process is real. From initial acclimation in the home to follow-up repairs down the road, attention to this fact cannot be over emphasized.

To guide you through the process for handling moisture and acclimation issues, we’ve pulled together some helpful resources from our team of industry experts.

These resources will enable you to properly evaluate moisture conditions in the home and flooring material before installation.

Concrete = Slab Moisture

Whether you are working with a homeowner or one yourself, it is important to know the moisture conditions of a home before installing wood flooring. This article gives an overview of common causes to look for and ways to avoid problems in the future.

Warning signs of moisture problems

Wagner Meters offers helpful guidance to common warning signs of moisture-related problems in hardwood floors. Covers both visible and invisible indicators of moisture problems.

Keeping your floor at the right conditions after installation

Did you know that your home can be as dry as the Sahara in the winter? Concern over moisture should not stop once the floor is installed. With changes in the seasons, relative humidity levels rise and fall. Homeowners must adapt to keep their homes at a consistent temperature and RH level not just in dry winter months. Summertime can lead to problems when there is too much moisture in the air. Learn about the best conditions for a wood floor in this article. Some situations may include the installation of in-home humidification to effectively acclimate and maintain the proper conditions for your home.

Choosing the right moisture meter


Choosing a moisture meter doesn’t have to be complicated. Use this guide to help you learn more about the different type meters and what we recommend.

Acclimation 101

The best way to avoid moisture related problems is proper job site preparation, and that includes acclimating your solid hardwood flooring to the home before you install it. Check out this Wood Flooring Acclimation 101 video and walk through the steps of properly acclimating your floor.


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