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North Sea – Realistic Texture, Watersafe Technology

The nautical theme of the North Sea Collection captures the natural landscape of the arctic north. With color tones and textures that accent the wood grain character, the surface pattern extends into the bevel edge to give a natural transition between planks. Continuing the seafaring theme, this watersafe floor is made possible because of the TriSeal™ technology. With a North Sea floor, you can have peace of mind it will withstand everyday wear and spills in any room in the home.

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Why Embossed in Register Makes a Difference

Embossing is just another term for adding texture to Rigid Core, vinyl, and laminate flooring. Embossed in Register (EIR) adds natural texturing that follows the grain patterns and character of the wood image layer. This process gives the most authentic wood-look, nearly indistinguishable from a real hardwood floor. Don’t be fooled by other products that offer embossed texturing but doesn’t follow the natural patterns of the printed image.

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Adelaide Terrace

EuroCor920 Base

With a 920 ranking in density, EuroCor920 at its core is denser than traditional HDF (high density fiberboard) which is typically between 700-800. This core gives you more water-repellant protection, durability, and a superior locking system. To provide a water-safe floor, the TriSeal system combines its EuroCor920 foundation with a water-tight REALock click system, and a 2mm waterproof surface seal. Feel the difference in EuroCor920 today by ordering your free sample.

Choose North Sea and see the difference

  • Surface texture that perfectly matches grain and character of the wood
  • Pressed bevel edge allows image to extend through entirety of plank
  • TriSeal™ watersafe technology with EuroCor920 core provides worry-free satisfaction!
  • Sustainable flooring highlights the advantage of caring about the environment.  Concern for conservation is no excuse for us making top-notch flooring you can be proud to call your own.
Adelaide Terrace
Adelaide Terrace
Adelaide Terrace

Breathe Easy

 The North Sea Collection is GreenGuard® Certified giving peace of mind that this is a safe product for your home.  We aim to reduce indoor air pollution by offering beautiful and safe products that will have you breathing a healthy sigh of relief. Want to learn more about GreenGuard, just click the green logo on the left.

CH2O Emissions Test

Controlling Formaldehyde (CH2O) is very important to maintain a healthy and safe indoor environment.  North Sea has been tested with the lowest level of emissions far below the maximum permissible levels. Compared to other products on the market, this product has been validated by the DIBT Guideline 100, from the German Institute of Civil Engineering as safe for any home. 

Anti-Microbial Flooring

With the constant threat of sickness and disease, it is a bonus that we offer this flooring with anti-bacterial properties to further keep your home safe.  Governed by industry standard ISO 22196:2007, North Sea stands out among its competitors as a wise choice for those desiring a more healthy home.  Curious to learn more, just click here

Ready to see North Sea in person?

The best way to decide is by seeing a sample in your home. It’s simple and easy – click the button below to order 3 free samples today!

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