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The Carroll Project

Life keeps happening – all the joys and all the woes – despite a global pandemic, social unrest, and the uncertainty that used to be easier to ignore.

While some see this time as being more divisive than ever, it’s also overwhelming with opportunity to be a neighbor, a helper, or a business that uses its resources for a mission.

In the summer of 2020, our Austin manager, Aaron Kiecke, learned that a family he had known through church was in need of a new floor. Knowing that our mission is to use our business as a mission, Aaron pledged to get a team together to install a new floor for them – covering the labor and materials.

After reaching out to customers, he connected with Reliable Hardwood Floors in Houston, TX, who volunteered to bring a team out to install the flooring – for free.

We were extremely grateful to partner with Reliable to install a new floor for the Carrolls that suited their needs and blessed their family.

Keep reading for the full story, as told by Clover Carroll.

Fulfilling a Need

“Two years ago, our family got a diagnosis that turned our life upside down.

Our little boy was diagnosed with Friedreich’s ataxia a neurological, progressive, life-shortening disease. That following spring, we purchased a fixer-upper that we could renovate for his medical needs. We widened all the doors, installed grab bars, and pulled out all the carpets. It was a whirlwind summer of construction.

We hoped to put in rigid core flooring because it was the perfect material. Cooper needed something smooth enough for his wheelchair, but with enough cushion to catch his falls. It would also be easy cleanup for the dog hair of his service dog friend, Glory.

But at the end of the summer, our budget was spent. The paint, flooring glue, and oil stains in the (former) garage became part of our decor. The floors would just have to wait.

With FA, sometimes Cooper’s legs will unexpectedly buckle, and before we could catch him, he’d crash onto the concrete. The hard floors had no mercy, and the bumps, bruises, and headaches began.”

Using Our Business As Mission

“Our friend, Aaron, read about our journey with Cooper and reached out to us. When he told us the company would like to take care of our floors, we were in shock.

An entire crew showed up at our home and completely finished our floors with the vinyl flooring we’d been longing for. Their compassion for Cooper showed itself in excellent workmanship. They worked the materials throughout the house without one seam that his wheelchair will have to bump over.

It’s an entirely different home. Now Cooper’s falls are more cushioned, and he can maneuver throughout the entire home easily. Not to mention, the sound has been dampened which helps with his concentration on schoolwork.

It’s absolutely stunning, and our home is transformed. But it’s not only the beauty of the product, it’s the generosity and compassion of Portercraft employees that has touched our lives. We are forever grateful.” – Clover Carroll

How to Give Back

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day, especially when times are uncertain and needs are growing.

Here’s a couple suggestions for how you can give back:

  • Keep an eye open and reach out – we’ve worked on other projects that started because we reached out when we saw opportunities. 
  • Get your team involved – you don’t have to work alone! Bring in your team and friends to help the cause. It’s a great way to give back and also get to know your team better.
  • Get your suppliers involved – we are always happy to help when needs arise! We’ve also found that many of our partners are eager to donate supplies.

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