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How to Create Portercraft.com Sub-Accounts

Want your team to have access to our sales tools?

Follow these steps to create accounts for people in your organization. In just a few minutes your team will be able to access pricing, inventory and be signed up for our email list! 

Why should you take time to do this?

Gives your team access updated inventory and floors on sale.

Ensures that they are quoting the right pricing.

Set permissions to let your team order sample boxes or display board replacements. You’ll have access to all orders placed by your team. Or you can opt to not have your team place samples and display orders.

Give your team exclusive education and training. Have you heard about our NWFA training course? We’re building a course with the National Wood Flooring Association to help you and your team become wood floor experts. This is a great tool for both new hires and experienced salespeople.

Step 1. Login and Find “Multi Accounts”


Login to your account and scroll down on the left side to “My Account”.

Click the link for “Multi-Accounts”.

You can also click here to jump right to that page.

Step 2. Click “New Multi Account”

In the top right hand corner, click the button that says “+ New Multi Account.”

Step 3. Fill Out Your Employee’s Info

Fill out the information for your employee. You’ll complete these steps for each team member.


NOTE: This is NOT for product orders, only for sample or display board orders placed on Portercraft.com. You will have access to all Portercraft.com orders placed by your team.

You can set specific permissions for each employee so that they can or cannot place sample or display board orders through Portercraft.com. You can also let them see orders placed by other people on your team.

Click “Create Multiaccount” and You’re Set!

Repeat this process for everyone on your team that you’d like to have an account. They will also be signed up for our email list to get updates about pricing, products and discounts.


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