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Bering Strait – Watersafe Technology with Wood Grain Texture and Pad Attached

Crafted with surface texture that perfectly matches grain and character of the wood, the Bering Strait collection gives a natural wood floor look. TriSeal™ watersafe technology combines a watertight locking system, ultra dense core, and a 2mm waterproof seal. This system shields the floor from moisture damage on all sides. Designed with a 2mm pad attached, the Bering Strait is easy to install and gives you a waterproof floor in no time.

Waterproof Laminate?

If you think of laminate of the past, you may not consider it a waterproof option. With the help of advanced technology, it’s making a comeback in a new waterproof way. Here’s why our TriSeal™ watersafe system is making waves in the laminate category.


Denser than traditional laminate, our durable HDF core blocks water from penetrating the boards. The way to gauge this is to look at the core density score. Many other laminate floors are in the 700-800 range, while ours is the industry leader at 920 – thus the name EuroCor920. This density also gives a more secure lock, preventing seepage between planks.

REALock System

Due to EuroCor920™ and the lock technology, the REALock System prevents penetration between boards. Additionally, this system passes the 24 hr Industry Standard Waterproof Test. 

2mm Sealed Top Layer

Rather than just a top coat of finish, our 2mm wear layer is soaked with sealing oil to limit water penetration. 

Natural Wood Texture

Often overlooked, the flooring texture differentiates a high quality floor from the rest. Many laminate and LVT  floors are imprinted with a grain texture that doesn’t match the grain pattern. Bering Strait is crafted with a texture that matches the grain, giving it a natural wood floor look. See it for yourself – order a free sample!

Sustainable and Safe for Your Home

Did you know that laminate flooring is actually a wood product? And a sustainable one at that! Our laminate floors are created with recycled wood particles sourced from nearby factories that make furniture, flooring, or other wood products. These wood particles are re-used along with other material to create laminate flooring. Bering Strait and our other laminate collections are made with 80% recycled wood.

Not only is our laminate flooring a sustainable option, but as a European product, it has also gone through strenuous testing. This includes GREENGUARD for indoor air testing, Formaldehyde Emission Testing, and Anti-Bacterial testing. Get more details about Bering Strait’s certifications here.

Bering Strait – Natural Wood Look, Waterproof Laminate

  • Surface texture perfectly matches grain and character of the wood
  • Textured surface and microbevel create a natural wood floor look
  • TriSeal™ watersafe technology provides peace of mind in the home

Order 3 Free Samples Now

Choosing a new floor shouldn’t be hard. Click the button below to get 3 free samples of Bering Strait sent right to you!


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