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How to Install REALock Angle Tap Laminate Flooring

Did you know that our laminate flooring has a 3 part protection against moisture? Our TriSeal™ watersafe technology includes a watersafe core, seal, and a water-tight locking system. The REALock Angle Tap System gives better water protection than others that can let water through.

Because of this locking mechanism, our laminate flooring should be installed differently than other laminate or LVP click lock floors.

Installing it properly will ensure the best water-tight fit between each board.

To get the most protection from water in addition to a successful installation, we created a 6 minute video guide for how to install our laminate flooring. Watch the video below or keep reading for the guide!


Prepare the First Two Rows

Start by preparing the first two rows of laminate planks. Make sure they are aligned with the wall by using shims to maintain the correct expansion gap. This first row will only engage the end joint locking system, so make sure to maintain a straight line. The second row will be installed per the steps below. 

Avoid forcing the pieces in, as this can damage the locking mechanism!

If anything seems misaligned, check for debris in the locking mechanism or any potential damage to it.

Install Your Next Row

For smoother installation, once the first few rows are in, continue installing by working on top of the floor you just installed.  Remember to use a tapping block to “set” each piece, even if it seems locked. This guarantees proper engagement of the locking mechanism and ensures a secure fit.

Step 1: Angle the first long edge of the laminate plank into the previous row. Insert the plank’s tongue side (male side) into the groove side (female side) of the previous row close to the end of the previous plank. The male side should sit above the locking mechanism of the previous row.

Step 2: After inserting a new plank, slide it slightly back and forth while angled to ensure it’s seated properly. Examine the plank edges to confirm there are no gaps between them. Pull the plank to the end of the previous board, leaving a small space to prevent obstruction from the locking mechanism.

Step 3: Tap the plank in place on the long side, using a tapping block, applying firm but not excessive force. You should feel the piece fold in level with the other planks, but make sure the tapping block is flush with the floor. This mechanism relies on pre-tension to create a watertight seal, so tapping to set each plank correctly is crucial.

Step 4: Next, place the tapping block squarely on the end of the board and tap closer to the inside to overcome the friction of the locking mechanism. Ensure that the end joints of the planks are aligned. If the new plank is higher than the other, tap it down until the locking mechanisms engage smoothly.

Use a Pull Bar at the End Wall

When you reach the end wall, use both the tapping block and a pull bar. Insert the long edge of the plank at an angle, tap with the block as usual and at the end, position the pull bar against it. Gently tap to secure the ends together.

Installing Under Obstacles

In situations where angling isn’t possible (e.g., under a cabinet), scrape the bottom side of the tongue locking mechanism to remove the ridge. Apply a bead of tongue and groove wood glue to the groove side then connect the planks. Weight may be applied until the glue dries.

Final Row

In the final row against the wall, use a pull bar since a tapping block won’t fit. Angle the board, insert the pull bar, ensure it’s flush, and tap it in along the edge then at the end.

Inspect all planks to ensure they are securely locked, and there are no visible gaps. 

Watch Our Full Guide

Needing more direction for your laminate installation? We have a full guide to how to install laminate flooring – all covered in 11 minutes! Watch the video below to get our tips for a successful laminate installation.


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