Multi-Length Rigid Core “Sandhill”

Installed by Studio Fain, Houston, TX


Why Multiple Lengths Make All The Difference

If you look at most wood-look vinyl floors in showrooms today, you’ll see they all come in fixed lengths – usually 4’ or 6’.

This means that every board that comes out of the box is the same length. Manufacturers do this to cut costs, but it doesn’t create for a very natural wood-look floor.

Fixed length floors typically look nice on a small sample board in a showroom. But, once the homeowner sees their newly installed floor, they are often disappointed by the noticeable repeating patterns and “manufactured” look.

With our Multi-Length Rigid Core collection, you get multiple lengths between 2’ and 6’ to allow for a natural layout. Gone are the days of repeating patterns, H-joints, and stair steps.

With multiple lengths, multi-tone visuals, and wood-like texture, Multi-Length Rigid Core gives less than 3 repeats per 100 sqft. These features give you the most natural wood-look waterproof floor available.

Do I Need A Waterproof Floor?

We hear a lot of questions surrounding the waterproofness of a floor.

And we get it – the hype around waterproof floors makes them very appealing. It can also make it seem like you’ll regret choosing anything but a waterproof one.

As a rule of thumb, flooring designed to be waterproof is a great option for a home’s “wet areas,” like bathrooms, utility or wash rooms, and kitchens.

Homeowners should conclude for themselves – based on facts, not hype – why a water-safe floor is in their best interest.


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