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Durango – True Hand Scraped, Textured Edge Solid Flooring

Durability is the Durango Collection!  Constructed of solid 3/4″ thick hardwood with true hand scraped detail including the textured edges, gives this collection its own unique character as if the floor has been around for years. This naturally aged appearance is protected with UV-Cured Urethane finish giving this forest-friendly multi-width floor a beautiful yet durable surface to live on for decades.

True Hand Scrape, Textured Edges

When we say handscraped, it means “hand” scraped! Don’t be fooled by other products that are marketed as hand-scraped, but are actually machine textured. The results are often repeating ripple-patterns that are obvious when viewing an entire sample box. This unatural appearance looks more like a mistake than the natural worn-in look that we strive for in our hand texturing technique.

Not to be outdone, we go beyond just a beveled edge with hand sculpted edges. This technique blends the overall flooring textures into an aesthetic that gives the room a warm, lived-in feel but in a brand new floor! Check out the images below and see for yourself.

Solid Flooring to Last a Lifetime

Until a few years ago, solid flooring was only available in unfinished. For a growing number of homeowners who want to forgo the dusty mess and fumes associated with traditional sand and finish installations, the Durango Collection is the answer.

The longevity of 3/4″ solid hardwood is unmatched against other thin veneer floors. With routine cleaning and maintenance, you’ll have the security of a floor that lasts as long as the home. Durango flooring is equal to solid unfinished floor in resandability, if ever the need arose to change the color and finish.

The Durango Collection

  • True handscrape conceals wear and tear
  • Forest friendly multi-width layout
  • Authentic hand-textured edges

Multi-Width is Forest Friendly

Did you know that multiple width floors uses more of the tree? It also gives natural character and fewer repeating patterns, which can draw the eye’s attention. Choosing a Durango floor means having the most natural look.

Environmental concerns of wood flooring

See Durango In Person

Why not see how a sample looks in your home? It’s simple to do! Click the button below to order 3 free samples.


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